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Phone: (305) 978-1433
Boat rentals and yacht charters in Miami and South Florida
Wedding on Party Boats in Miami

Wedding celebrations are for most people an event of a lifetime. The choice of the location becomes probably the single most important decision. Should wife and husband to be decide to select a home, or a reception room in a Miami hotel to organize this unforgettable moment? They have now the option, to organize their wedding on a party boat in Miami and held a truly unique event. Organizing a wedding on a party boat in Miami has never been easier, most services that you would need could be provided by our boats or you may make arrangements yourself or with your wedding planner. The following services can be offered on our party boats: bands in Miami, Dj's, caterers, photographers etc.


Our boats are designed to host parties with spaces reserved for dancing and dining. Most of our Miami party boats are equipped with commercial kitchens where cocktails or meals can be prepared and then served on wonderful dining areas. Parties can be held in air conditioned indoor or outdoor decks.

You will spend a truly special moment surrounded by your guests. Our team makes sure that the party boat that you will select responds to your needs. We are featuring Miami party boats of all sizes to accommodate your needs from several dozen to several hundreds guests. Call us now so that we help you secure the best quality party boat at the best possible prices. We are the authority as far as party boats are concerned!

Party Boat 09 ML

Length: 74 ft
Max passengers: 120
Homeport: Miami

To reserve this yacht, CLICK HERE

Party Boat 01BL

Length: 111 ft
Max passengers: 380
Homeport: Miami

To reserve this yacht, CLICK HERE

Party Boat 02 VL

Length: 130 ft
Max passengers: 140
Homeport: Miami

To reserve this yacht, CLICK HERE

Party Boat 03TB

Length: 110 ft
Max passengers: 149
Homeport: Miami

To reserve this yacht, CLICK HERE

Party Boat 06 LW

Length: 170 ft
Max passengers: 500
Homeport: Miami

To reserve this yacht, CLICK HERE

Party Boat 07 KW

Length: 142 ft
Max passengers: 150
Homeport: Miami

To reserve this yacht, CLICK HERE

Party Boat 05 WF

Length: 80 ft
Max passengers: 49
Homeport: Miami

To reserve this yacht, CLICK HERE