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Email: info@MiamiBoat.com

Phone: (305) 978-1433
Boat rentals and yacht charters in Miami and South Florida

Miami Day Charter BUDDY JOY - Sea Ray

Max passengers: 6

Location: Miami

Length: 18 ft 0 inches
Model: 185Sport
Max speed: 0 mph
Cruise speed: 0 mph

Build History:


Miamiboat.com offers the new and bold 18 foot Sea Ray. This exciting Miami boat day charter features next-generation styling with dynamic new graphics and bright new colors. Innovative Turn-Key Starting (TKS) system has been added, which offers automatic fuel-enrichment instead of a traditional choke, makes it easy to take a boat tour in Miami. Enjoy the day cruising around the local islands, in this perfect Miami boat chart. Anchor at the sandbar where you can mingle with fellow boaters while taking a dip in the warm Ocean waters, then you can continue your boat tour in Miami, where we can stop by some of our suggested areas and watch the famous Miami Sunset.

Additional features

  • Fully complemented dash instrument panel.
  • New design low-profile windshield.
  • Custom additional extended swim platform.
  • Gull wing sun pads for storage and engine access from cockpit and swim platform.
  • Innovative bow rider seating.
  • 3.0 L MerCruiser® with turn key start.
  • Four exciting graphics and gel-coat color package options for extreme customization.
  • Clarion® 12V AM/FM stereo with CD player.


Number of cabins: 0
Cabins configuration: King: yes + Queen: yes + Twin: yes


Water sports

    Other toys: Water skis, wateboards and tubes are available for an additional $50 plus tax.

Photos of the vessel

( Click on the photos to see them bigger )