Does Naproxen Help With Cramps

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Phone: (305) 978-1433
Boat rentals and yacht charters in Miami and South Florida
Common Miami Charter Boat Terms, Boat rental in Miami

Are you considering a boat rental in Miami? Miami charter boats are growing in popularity as people discover the fun and enjoyment that this recreational pastime offers. Although boat rental in Miami provides hours of enjoyment, it can also be dangerous if the driver and passengers do not know common Miami charter boat terms and safety rules.

There are hundreds of Miami charter boat terms that recreational boaters use on a regular basis. However if you are thinking about a boat rental in Miami you should familiarize yourself with some of the most frequently used terms. Whether you are renting a speed boat in Miami Beach or chartering a yacht, the common terms below will come into play more than once during your adventure. Lock Masters, Captains, crewmen, sales people and marina operators will use some of these boating terms.

The list of Miami charter boat terms is by no means complete but lists the proper boating terms that are more commonly useful to those that reserve a boat rental in Miami.


Anchorage Vertical distance between the lowest part of a boat (in general the keel) and the waterline.
Ascending/upstreaming Boat navigating towards the river-source, that is say sailing against the current. On a canal, this means that the boat approaches locks in an ascending direction.
Boathook Long wooden or metal pole with a hook at one end. Use it when drawing alongside or drawing away and in locks to facilitate maneuvering and avoid collisions.
Bollard Metal or concrete cylinder, sealed into a bank or quay, for mooring purposes.
Bow Front of boat.
Cleat Metal fitting on boat to which mooring ropes can be attached. In general, boats have two cleats at rear and one or two in the front.
Descending/downstreaming Boat navigating towards the river-mouth that is, travelling with the current. On a canal, this means that the boat approaches locks in a descending direction.
Downstream Lower part of the river, towards its mouth.
Draught Vertical distance between the lowest part of a boat (in general the keel) and the waterline.
Fender Of oval or round form, inflated with compressed air, arranged in series around the boat’s hull in order to protect it from knocks. Generally numbering 6 to 10, solidly made, bursting only under violent collision, and should be left in place even if you find them unattractive.
Headroom Height between the water-level and the crown of a bridge or other construction. For a boat, the vertical distance between the water-level (water-line) and the highest point of the boat.
Helm/tiller The helm is similar to a steering wheel, the tiller is like a long bar situated at the rear of the boat. Both serve to steer the boat.
Lock chamber Part of lock between upstream and downstream gates.
Lock passage Passage of a boat through a lock; the time required depends on the difference in water levels as well as the size of the lock. In general, you should expect it to take a quarter of an hour.
Lock sill Sort of step on upstream lock-gate side in a lock where great care must be taken (see chapter on man oeuvres with sketch).
Lock-wall Lateral wall of a lock, whether vertical or slightly inclined.
Lowest water level Lowest level of waterway or canal.
Navigation channel This is the navigable zone shown on waterway Maps which must be kept to in order to avoid all Danger such as rocks, sandbanks, underwater Posts, etc…
Overhauling The act of overtaking a boat following the same route as you.
Port Left side of the boat when facing the front.
Reach The part of a waterway or canal between two locks.
Starboard Right-hand side of the boat when looking towards the front.
Stern Rear of boat.
To go astern To put the boat into reverse in order to stop it
Topside(s) Part of volume of boat above the water-line (see head-room). The greater volume of your boat above water, the greater the wind resistance always bear this in mind when maneuvering.
Towpaths Paths along the canal or river and used until the beginning of this century for barge-towing by horses and men.
Upper reach Strip of rubber or wood around the hull for protective purposes. Almost all boats are equipped with a (often just one, sometimes two or three) augmented with fenders.
Waist rail Strip of rubber or wood around the hull for protective purposes. Almost all boats are equipped with a (often just one, sometimes two or three) augmented with fenders.

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