Sharks in Miami Beach, Shark attacks

Posted: February 6th, 2009 under Miami Local News.
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Crooks, thieves and bad realtors are the most aggressive sharks that you might meet in Miami Beach. Shark attacks are extremely rare. Shark attacks are uncommon throughout the world, although incidents have been reported in Australia, South Africa and to a lesser extent in Hawaii and California.

There have been some incidents in Florida but mostly in Palm Beach County. Reported shark attacks were rarely fatal and were usually caused or provoked by men that fed sharks as a new way to heighten adrenaline levels.

In 50 years, there have been 8 shark attacks in Florida and most of those took place in Northern Florida. If you are a diver, you may encounter small nurse sharks in Miami Beach which do not attack humans. Due to the rarity of shark attacks, focus is better spent on planning what to do when you are in town because coming across sharks in Miami Beach are the least of your problems.

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